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More than 40 years ago, a small group of Odessa dog trainers started working on a new breed of dog.
It had to be small, smart and gentle with people.
20 years later, as a result of the crossing of several breeds, the goal was achieved – there were Odis breed dogs in Odessa – the first and so far the only breed bred in Ukraine since independence.
It was shown in public how difficult the process was and what Odessa from Odessa are like.

ODIS is a young ornamental breed of dog.
Odessa is associated with its history, as well as its name.

It was here, at the end of the 1980s, that experts from the local club “Consensus” decided to bring a companion dog to the city, which should have a noble appearance, cheerful character and compact size.
The South Russian Shepherd Dog in miniature has become a visual landmark.

Mixed breed and purebred dogs were selected for mating.
The base was a wirehaired foxterrier, silver dwarf poodle and a Maltese.
The crossing process took more than 20 years, but the result exceeded expectations.
In 1999 puppies were born, which in their features were exactly what specialists expected.
One of them, girl Francik, was recognized as the breed standard. She became the ancestor of all future Odis.

Her owner was one of the participants in the creation of the breed – Irina Bahareva.
Today, in Odessa, she leads the national monobreed club of the same name. (…)

According to her (Irina Bahareva), in 2006 the Kennel Club of Ukraine officially recognized the Odis as the first national breed, and later decided to approve its standard and issue pedigrees.
This is the first and so far only breed, says Irina, which is completely bred in Ukraine.
It absorbed the best: from the foxterrier – cheerfulness, from the Maltese – appearance and devotion, and from the poodle – intelligence.

Visually, Odis is a small dog.
The ideal height is 35-37 centimeters.
Color – fawn, gray or white.
It has long fur, framed on his head with an expressive mustache, beard and eyebrows.
When it comes to temperament, the dog trainer ensures that Odises are loyal companions and family dogs.
They are unpretentious in life and care, they are not aggressive, so they get along easily with people and love to walk.

“These dogs are very friendly and discreet.
If well trained, he gets along with both children and the elderly.
They can be kept in small apartments and country houses.
They are really very family oriented” Irina said.

The woman also added that during the entire breeding period, the dogs did not have any serious pathologies. Cynologists managed to achieve this result thanks to geneticists and other specialists who constantly monitored the mating process.

„We wanted this dog to give people more pleasure than care.
Therefore, right away we set ourselves the task of creating a healthy breed that can live a long and active life.
Our Francisca, the first Odis, lived 19.5 years.
Her descendants also live long: and 16 and 18 years.
The only task of the owner is to enable the dog to lead a healthy lifestyle through walks and proper nutrition”, said Irina Bahareva.

For 20 years of the breed’s existence, according to Irina, Odis has become popular not only in Ukraine, but also around the world.
Puppies have already taken root in Poland, Israel, Canada, America, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries.
Moreover, some even have kennels where they started breeding this breed.
There are 450 such dogs in the Odessa National Club of the same name, and there are many more in the world in general.

„Our dogs include champions of Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe.
In addition, there are winners of Poland, Georgia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
Dogs are constantly exhibited at breeding events.
And experts, controlling them, determine the direction of the development of the breed” – says Irina.

When asked why they choose that name (ODIS), the woman explained – because the homeland of these dogs is Odessa.

„In the dog world, for example, there is a Yorkshire Terrier or an American Bulldog. Everyone understands the region where these breeds were bred. Why will a dog bred in Odessa proudly bear the name of its hometown on its behalf? – noted Irina Bahareva.

In 2010, during the official presentation of the breed at a press conference, journalists jokingly explained its abbreviation – Odessa Domestic Ideal Dog. Irina Bahareva, laughing, agreed and added that the cynologists did not disappoint the townspeople.

Source and copyright: www.suspilne.media

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