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The next litter is planned for 2024.

Intelligent after a poodle, charming after a Maltese and temperamental after a fox terrier – ODIS will give you all heart, will be a brilliant student, a perfect companion of trips and lazing together.

You can also count on:
he will squeeze everywhere to be close to you and at the same time he is independent enough to find something to do when you don’t have time for him (not always you will like his homework 😉)
in full speed will fall into wonderful mud (great fun right after bathing, drying and brushing), and then will joyfully run to show you a new experience, leaving paw prints on your new clothes
a new spice called “fur fits everything, sweet and salty” will come to your kitchen for free 😀 And it is enough universal to be used in your wardrobe
after some time you will come to the conclusion that one ODIS feels bad, is sad and generally – one is not enough and another one will appear – don’t you believe it? JUST TRY!

If you feel that you are ready to take on such a challenge, please contact us!
For a person who is determined to take part in exhibitions, trainings and actively participate in the development of the breed – the possibility of breeding/co-ownership.

Our puppies

are raised at home, in the company of the rest of our dogs and other pets
are prepared into adult life according to the recommendations of our veterinarian and under the watchful eye of a behaviorist and positive dog trainer
from the very beginning, they are raised on the best natural foods and supplements
Draiochta FCI - Hodowla psów rasy ODIS | Szczenięta
Draiochta FCI - Hodowla psów rasy ODIS | Szczenięta

Our puppies take to the new home

metryka or export pedigree of ZKwP/FCI
health book or/and pet passport with age-appropriate dewormings, vaccinations and protection against ticks
packs of essentials for the first moments in a new home
access to training in the following groups: basic obedience, nosework or show (stationary or online – polish language)
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